Interview of Serge Imbert – Kaufman and Broad

Pré de la Danse program, Annecy-le-Vieux


Do you think the Solen study is relevant?

Systematically using the Solen solution is very relevant. For instance, the tool makes it possible to value poorly oriented apartments. It is also possible to reassure the customer on the potential impact of a balcony on the sunshine and natural light of a room.


Is natural light an important criterion for your buyers?

Today, our customers are very sensitive about the sunshine of their future apartment. They are a little less about natural light, it may be for lack of information.


What do you think of the Solen platform?

The Solen platform is useful for our clients. It allows them to project themselves in their future accommodation and to have a reliable indicator of the sun impact on their future good. The tool allows sellers to access detailed information about brightness and sunshine, room by room. It also offers them indications allowing them to answer buyer’s objections. The platform responds in a simplified way to the main expectations of future buyers.


Do you have a concrete example where the Solen tool helped you?

I used the Solen platform to enhance north-facing apartments, and thus reassure the future buyer on the brightness of the good. I also had the occasion of using it to respond to an objection about the impact of a balcony located above the apartment. I could show that there was no consequence on the natural light and sunshine of the lower one.

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